Shorts stories from the womb 



Кратки истории от утробата


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There is, somewhere out there, a type of bliss.

The leaves expecting rain. The flying geese, the roving ships in shoreless seas, the running living, chattering clouds of words and thoughts that gird the infinite outer space. The vacillation of the air and the unseen noi...

The exhibition opening has just finished. The hall is full of people. I have only been working here for a couple of months and I am a little nervous because I know almost no one. I smile and create the impression that I am calm and right where I should be.

The building...

The summer was in full swing. We had been wandering along the sea for several months. Wanton, young and carefree. It was lovely and golden, and we were small, inexperienced gods playing at being people.

Tonight we were going to remain here, at the beach where it was she...

I travel with this woman on the tube every day.

She is huge and dark. With the rounded belly and sagging breasts of a mother of many. With long skirts spread over the floor. Her powerful thighs are outlined beneath. No shoes are visible but I can somehow guess that she...

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