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I love indigenous art and culture, books and stories, children and nature!


I really wanted to combine my passions together, but how? How to cook in one pot: to help protect and popularize the indigenous traditions, to spread and tell not known yet stories and to illustrate them, to help to preserve nature and to inspire for all that children and adults as they are what will happen tomorrow with our world!

Would you help me start a lovely, little publishing house and virtual art shop dedicated to art and artist representing any form of indigenous art? I do have some of the funds, but not enough to make a start with the idea. 


I would love to create a place where people from different parts of the world come to see what people from various parts of all the world make and sell. This is the way to exchange, learn and discover. To have a platform for growth and inspiration our unique view on the world and the arts.In the heart of the capital, an oasis of raw and primitive energy. Into the global, our uniqueness is our power and privilege. I would like to run workshops and invite other artists from around the world that share similar passion so this community grows and expands. 


I would like to think that this business idea will be successful and I will be able to share 10% of the profit for the above activities happening elsewhere in the world.


Thank you for reading my story and hope to have inspired you as well for something good, loving and beautiful! 

Please, let make this happen!  






© 1975-2017 by ZANARA

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