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New Year' Resolutions

Happy New Year to All!

For 2018, I will be like a carrot. / My hair is already taking steps towards it!!! /

I will deepen my roots and reach much juicier and prolific soil.

I will be bright and bold, will bring the Sun with me wherever I go.

Going to try new ''recipes'' out of the menu of Life.

Will encourage my sweetness and tame my bitter side.

My soul and body will aim to connect with the core of Mother Earth and my leaves will stretch high to absorb all the sunlight and the passionate fire coming from the Father Ra.

I will follow the natural cycles, in-tune with the inner tides, with fewer worries and more here and now!

With body and soul, I am sending my love to you all out there: happy and sad, lonely and part of a big family, lost and found! Make the year count xxxx

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