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Make your dreams come true...

We all have our dreams. BIG dreams and small dreams, dreams that disappear in just a few months and dreams that stay with us for life. We are defined by our dreams and everything we do to make them come true.

Our dreams are the essence of who we are, they are the brightest and most courageous thing our souls, hearts and minds are capable to do at certain point in our lives.Dreams grow with us. The core of our dreams shows how we think of ourselves and our life, what do we want to give to the world and what we are open to take out from it.

There are dreams that are meant to manifest in the world in the most unexpected manner and dreams that are never to be lived. Some of our dreams are mischievous and some misleading, some are our own and will helps us to become our better selves, and some, just projections of the world around us. But most of all, the dreams are our guiding light in the life ahead, they are the focus of what we learn, dream and think about.