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A marginal

I have always felt like a marginal, insignificant, separated and different. I have never fitted anywhere, I was the odd part all my life.

If you have ever been there emotionally and mentally, you know exactly what I am talking about. If everybody else were living in the university city, I was the one to commute and miss all the evening parties. If everyone were sitting nicely for the class picture, I was the one that always stayed behind or a bit out of the harmony with the rest. If everyone was joining an event or activity, I was in the mood for something completely different.

Wherever I went, I never was the right age, the right nationality, the right person.

I was always ''not quite right'' and this is not an easy role, especially when you are a child, growing up and want to be accepted. I saw the angels, my dreams were more real than the ''real life'', and now in my forties, I am still not interested in the adult's world objectives. It took me years to see behind it all and realise HOW GOOD and VALUABLE it was!

The imago turn into a beautiful butterfly, even I say so. It is me, the one and only, unique, ready to fly.

I am the artist, the dreamer and in the most unbelievable stories believer, and it feels good.

I have my faults, plenty of them indeed. BUT I LOVE Me! I love everything that is different about me. I love that I am not ''pretty'', I never wear makeup, and I am strong-headed and a bit weird.

All this make my universe like no other.Makes my art like no other and my place in this world the one and only for me! The world would not function the same way if I do not exist on my little island, doing my little work and dreaming my little big dreams.

Knowing all this my life turn out to be a fairy tale with constantly neverending stories.

So why am I writing all this? If you are still on the other side of love, come and join me and be in love utterly and complete with YOURSELF! This is one of the best things that will ever happen to you!!!

Loving yourself is loving the Great creator of us all, therefore you will be loving us all! We are one, born to live in harmony.



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